Rangers Playoff Notebook: 4.17.09

Happy Friday Ranger fans, we're going to take a look at some Ranger headlines, but first a few opening thoughts:

The enthusiasm everyone has shown over the last two days has been great. Sure, we are all probably guilty of letting our dreams get the best of us, but isn't that what being a fan is all about? We don't have to "focus on the next game", or "keep it all in perspective", which is a term grossly overused in sports anyway. We're allowed to dream, we're allowed to get carried away, so enjoy it. You never know how long it's going to last.

It's Friday, it's payday, so what the hell, from the Daily News, here's a story giving a little love to Wade Redden.  Wade Redden gets a lot of guff; that comes with the boatload of money he makes, but I will say this for him: His defensive play has been steadier since the coaching change. He still has his lapses, and he's still a bust on the power play, but his play in his own zone has been much improved. Not $6M improved, but improved. For those of you that don't think the Rangers can do worse than Wade Redden, I have two words for you: Sandis Ozolinsh. Feel better now?

Oh sure, why not, one good Wade Redden love fest deserves another, so here is one from Newsday, and we'll throw Rozsival into the mix on this one too.

Dan Rosen from NHL.com says the Rangers are a confident bunch. Why shouldn't they be? They've won four games in a row, their goaltender is playing well, and the power play is sizzling hot (tongue planted firmly in cheek here). The Rangers have every reason to feel good about themselves.

A little note from Zipay at Newsday I hadn't thought of: Rangers have won Game One in the first round three years in a row, 2 years ago against the Thrashers, and last year against the Newark Devils. The Rangers won both of those series.

A few stats courtesy of Carp at the Rangers Report:

  • In NHL best-of-seven series, the winner of Game 2 has gone 381-150-winning 71.8 percent of the series. Game 1 winners have gone 367-164-a 69.1 percent winning percentage.
  • Teams that have won both games to go up, 2-0, have gone 254-37-87.2 percent.
  • Game 2 winners who lost Game 1 have gone 127-113 (52.9 percent). In contrast-and fairly obviously-teams that have won Game 1 but lost Game 2 have gone 113-127 (47.1 percent). /

Here's a note on Mike Green from the DC Sports Box:

In addition to his two assists, Mike Green played over half the game, finishing with a game-high 30:47 of ice time.  The high-flying defenseman was on the ice for three of New York's goals and had a -1 rating.  He was also the apparent focus for Rangers super pest Sean Avery, well known for his ability to get under his opponents' skins.  Green claimed to not be bothered by the attention, saying, "I liked it...it makes me play stronger," but the impetuous defender's reactions to Avery over the course of the season could be a potential distraction to his overall play.

Jim Kelley over at SI.com says that the refs will be keeping a closer eye on Sean Avery because of the interference non-call in Game One. Whatever. If the refs were watching Sean Avery any closer, they could see what he had for breakfast. You're going to tell me that "now" they are going to start watching Avery?

In a related story, Sean Avery was found to be the head of the Somali Pirates,  is being blamed by both Democrats and Republicans for the current economic crisis, and there are rumors he goes swimming less than a half hour after eating.

Anyway, that's all for now, I gotta run, I think Avery just stole my lawnmower.