Rangers Recap: Montreal scores more goals than 0, Rangers lose

So much for that outburst of offense eh? The Rangers have now been shutout in 4 of their last 7 games, and scored 14 of their 15 goals during that span in two games (they only had one against St. Louis). Montreal scored one goal in the first period, and never looked back, rolling over the Rangers for a 6-0 defeat.

The second period--which becomes inconsequential since they scored once in the first--was an offensive explosion for Montreal, which saw them score four consecutive goals; three in less than four minutes. In what seems to be the theme at the Bell Center in Montreal, Henrik Lundqvist played a great game and was still chased after giving up four goals. The defense didn't exist, the offense didn't exist and the coach apparently didn't recognize that his team was getting obliterated on both ends of the ice.

The end result of the three Montreal goals in four minutes was the entrance of Matt Zaba, who took a stick tap by Lundqvist on his way to the net in which Lundqvist was probably saying "sorry pal but you get to deal with this crap now."

The third period was just 20 more minutes for the Rangers to embarrass themselves, and don't worry they did. Aside from bailing out on Zaba multiple times (hey, they had to break him in sometime!) the offense continued its poor play; and aside from an Aaron Voros fight the period was pretty lackluster.

Zaba only got lit up twice--once on a 5 on 3--but actually played a really strong game against a clicking offense. It's good to see that when Lundqvist inevitable asks for a trade we will have some viable assets to take his place. Zaba kept the score from being too out of hand--surprising I know--but the score could have easily been nine or 10 nothing.

Empty Netters:

  • How Glen Sather has let this entire season pass without getting some form of secondary scoring is beyond me. John Tortorella has changed the lines 12 thousand times, he has mixed up the power play combinations daily and he has moved the third man on the first line more times than we can count. Nothing has turned into goals, nothing has turned into offense and aside from the first eight games this season has been a disaster.
  • The referees sucked tonight, as they usually do in Montreal.
  • Sam and Joe can talk about the Rangers "needing some life" all they want, but the most life I have seen out of the Rangers consistantly is Tortorella's bouts with Larry Brooks and the media.
  • Maybe the Rangers brass should save the Blueshirts United promotions for better games. Maybe it's just me but Sam saying "Blueshirts United, the only place for real Ranger fans! You get to go to exclusive events and even get choice seats for big games." doesn't seem as flashy when the Rangers are getting crushed 6-0. But what do I know.
  • Props to Voros by the way who actually defended Gaborik after he was getting knocked around by Andrei Markov.

Now I have not seen the post-game interviews with the players but lemme guess what they are gonna say: "We came out to play we just didn't get the result we wanted." "It's disappointing, sure, but we need to come out ready to play." "The goals just weren't there for us tonight, I can't explain it, we just need to come out better next time." God it's disgusting, what a disgrace. Have at it!