Rangers Recap: Rangers 3 Devils 0

Good Afternoon everyone, I am back from my weekend in the Poconos, very tired, but hanging in there.

As most of you know, I am also a diehard Giants fan. In 2008, when the Giants played the Cowboys in the NFC divisional playoffs, I was in the Poconos for the weekend, and had to fly back during the game. I missed about 90% of the game, although I caught it on Tivo when I got home. I think we all know how that day turned out.

Last night, the Rangers are playing the Devils, and I miss the whole game because I am on a plane returning from the Poconos. The Rangers put forth one of their best efforts of the season.

Maybe I need to fly to the Poconos more often, for the sake of all my teams. Not sure there is any helping the Mets though, they are on their own.

So obviously, I missed the game. I got a couple of score texts from my brother (AveryGod), but all I know is what I read in the recaps. So, I am going to make a few comments, and then let you guys fill in the gaps:

  • Whatever Ryan Callahan is drinking, Chris Drury should pour himself a big glass of it. I think Callahan is going to be a 30-40 goal scorer in the years to come.
  • Nice to see the Rangers bounce back in a game they had to have. I get the feeling that one of the things John Tortorella is bringing to this team is a hatred of losing. I always got a "well guys that's ok, we'll get em tomorrow" attitude from Tom Renney, that seems to be changing.
  • Sounds like Avery was at his best last night, and so was Henrik.
  • Next up for the Rangers are the Hurricanes on Thursday night in Carolina. But for today, we can enjoy a win over the Devils.

So, let me here your thoughts on the game, what else did I miss?

Also, you'll note we have a new photo option on Blueshirt Banter, as well as all the SBNation pages. We are getting access to AP photos, like the great one you see of Callahan above. You should be able to click the link beneath the picture, and see other shots from the game. Just another great feature of the SBNation blogs.