Rangers Review: Aaron Voros

In his second season with the Rangers, the 28 year old Aaron Voros played in 13 less games and scored 9 less points. To his credit, though, he saved two of his three goals for the stretch-run, and also played a role in the effective checking lines that set the tone many nights as the Rangers came up just short for the 8th spot. Voros will be heading into the final year of his contract with the Blueshirts this season (1 Mill $ cap hit), so it will be interesting to see if he can produce enough to warrant another contract.

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[Note by Rob Luker, 05/09/10 3:49 PM EDT ] For some reason there isn't a Voros profile or stat widget. Sign of things to come?

What we liked: Voros skates like a bat out of hell and doesn't back down from anyone. He brings the grit that most fourth and third lines need and is always in the middle of things after the whistle. According to his hockeyfights.com Fight Card, Voros got into 13 scraps this year and was voted the winner of 3 while drawing 3. Although he took a shot early in this fight, he bloodied up Matt Bradley of the Capitals to win this good showing back in November:

What we didn't like: Although Voros may have passion that some lack, his skills are of a fringe NHL player. His offensive abilities are limited due to his physical style of play, all-while he struggles consistently in the defensive zone - something that won't get you a lot of playing time under John Tortorella. He was only better than Brian Boyle in terms of the relative +/- rating and his Corsi numbers indicate he spent a lot of time in his own zone. One major problem that I have always had with Voros is that he takes too many penalties all together. The stats back me up on this one, as he took 2 penalties per 60 minutes of play (only Jody Shelley was ahead of him with 2.1). This may not seem high, but when compared with all forwards across the league (min. 40 games played) in the same category, Voros ranks at number 13 just behind Shelley again.

Highlight Play/Game: Like I hinted at above, Voros waited for the end of March and April to score five of his seven points this season. His highlight play has to be this goal against the Leafs on the 7th of April which put the game away as the Rangers pushed for the 8th seed:

Final Thoughts: If Voros had anything more than mediocre offensive ability he would probably make a solid power-forward. But because of his reckless style that leads to plenty of penalties. I completely agree with Torts to sit him for half the year. With that said, his 1 Million dollar salary isn't killing us and he isn't the worst option for a depth forward. Hopefully he plays smarter next year in hope for another contract.

What are your thoughts on Voros? Think he will fit into Torts' system more next season? Think he deserves more opportunities based on his play at the end of the year? Let's hear it...