Rangers Review: Wade Redden

Let's continue our reviews of the 2009-10 New York Rangers with defenseman Wade Redden.

Wade Redden:

What We Liked: Hard to find something I liked about what I think is still the biggest disaster in the history of this franchise, but I did. What I liked is the two games he was benched for mid-season. It gave Ranger fans a glimpse into what life would be like without a $40M boat anchor. December 17th and 19th, the Rangers managed to reel off two wins without the "two time All Star" and "Best first passer in the game". What a joy it was to watch those games, and know Redden wasn't going to step on the ice and take a bad penalty, create a bad turnover, or fall down.

What We Didn't Like: Too Easy. This is like an empty net goal against a team of nuns.

Highlight Game: November 25th, 2003: Wade Redden scores two goals for Ottawa in a 6-3 win over Atlanta. Sorry, it was the best I could do.

Final Thoughts: If Wade Redden is still a member of the New York Rangers on Opening night, Ranger fans will not only demand a Congressional Inquiry, but probably all join hands and walk into a chopper blade. The silver lining for Hartford fans in the possibility of losing the Wolfpack is that they may only have to suffer one season of Redden, and then he will be Rochester's problem.

Wade Redden

#6 / Defenseman / New York Rangers



Jun 12, 1977

Video Highlight of Redden: (Again, I did my best)