Rangers Rumor: Korpikoski Konsidering KHL?

Now, seeing as how I don't speak Swedish, and had to rely on the integrity of an online translator, at the moment let's take this with a grain of salt, but according to Swedish Hockey website aftonbladet.se, Lauri Korpikoski may be considering a jump to the Kontinental Hockey League. If you understand Swedish, feel free to click that link and tell us exactly what it says. If not then here is what I was able to devise:

Timra is looking to replace Mika Pyorala, and may do so with Lauri Korpikoski. The article says the Rangers want to keep Korpikoski, but made him a lowball offer, and that he has allegedly received an offer from the KHL.

If I understand it right, the offer is $1.5M a year.

The article also says Korpi is good friends with former Ranger Jarkko Immonen

That's the best I can do guys, but it doesn't take a perfect translation to see this may not be good news.

Thanks to NyRangers Blog for finding this