Rangers Rumor: Will he be "Waive" Redden?


Dave over at Blue Seat Blogs posted this in another thread, but I wanted to make sure everyone got to take a look at it. Props to him for finding it, and make sure you take a look at his site, he is doing great work.

Well, this is a bit of stunning news. Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun, who tends to always have rumors, so take this one with a bit of "professional skepticism", mentions that the Rangers have been trying to deal Wade Redden, but have been unsuccessful. Taking this further Garrioch states that:

There is talk the Rangers might waive D Wade Redden at the start of next season and send him to the AHL’s Hartford Wolf Pack to get his $6.5-million salary off the books. New York has tried to deal Redden, but nobody is willing to bite. He still has $32.5 million and five years left on his contract.

Dave also has some commentary on this, the whole story can be found here.