Rangers Tribune Chat Tonight at 8!

Just giving you all a heads up about tonight's live chat on my site The Rangers Tribune. Every Thursday for the entire off-season I have been holding chats on my site in which I discuss various Rangers/Hockey topics with my readers. Last week I tried something different and ran a Q and A session with readers, in which they asked me any hockey related questions they wanted and I gave them my opinionated answer.

We had quite a crowd and some spectacular questions were asked. So, I am doing the same thing tonight and would like to extend the invitation to all Blueshirt Banter readers as well. If you are free tonight and feel like discussing Rangers hockey with other fans, you are welcome to stop by and ask some questions you may have and share your opinion. Joe Fortunato from BB may even stop by and help me answer some questions too.

So that is rangerstribune.com at 8 p.m. eastern time. All you need is your computer and some questions and you are good to go. Anyone and everyone is welcome to come so don't be shy.

Set an Email reminder for yourself if you are a forgetful person like I am:

See you at 8!