Rangers Vs. Blackhawks: Keys To The Game

The New York Rangers will head into Chicago tonight for their second game of back-to-backs this week. The Rangers struggled against the Ottawa Senators last night, and were handed a 4-1 loss. However, the Hawks won't be any easier tonight, as the Hawks killed the Rangers the last time these two teams played. Even though it was a 4-2 game, the Hawks scored three of their four goals in the first five minutes.

Lock It Down Defensively: The last two games, the Rangers have been absolutely terrible in their own end. Last night, the Rangers left countless players uncontested in front of their own net, which led to two goals. They also need to watch their turnovers, as those have lead to goals as well. If the Rangers can correct their defensive problems, they should be good to go tonight.

Score More Goals: As if this wasn't obvious already, the Rangers need to find the back of the net more. While the offense isn't playing terrible, they just cannot capitalize on their opportunities. They have their chances, they just need to finish some more, and they will be fine.

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Score A Power Play Goal: The Rangers have once again gone into a offensive slump when it comes to converting on the power play. As the offense, the power play is there, the goals just aren't coming. The puck movement is great, and they are getting the shooting lanes. However, when they shoot, it seems as if they shoot wide or right into the goalie. They need to change up their shooting techniques on the power play, and the goals will hopefully come.