Rangers Vs. Blue Jackets: Keys To The Game

The New York Rangers will look to rebound off a brutal loss to the Chicago Black Hawks on Thursday evening. The Blue Jackets have been struggling all season long, but cannot be underestimated just like the Blackhawks. With that said, here are tonight's keys to the game.

Come Out Strong Defensively: The Rangers came out pretty slow against the Chicago Blackhawks, and it wound up costing them the game, very early. The Rangers have to be aware defensively tonight, as Rick Nash could try and slip behind the defense. If they can have better coverage in the offensive zone, neutral zone, and defensive end, the Rangers should have a good game tonight.

Get The Puck Low: The Rangers are at their best when they get set-up in the zone and cycle it down low, behind the net. Columbus hasn't been the greatest in their defensive end this season, and goalies have haunted them as well. The Rangers just need to get it behind the net, and play their usual game, and the goals will come.