Rangers Vs. Blues: Defense, New York Rangers Fall Short To St. Louis

The New York Rangers dropped their second straight game Thursday night, this time in a 4-1 result in St. Louis against the Blues.

There are more questions then answers in the Rangers' last two defeats, and many of them are surrounded around the defensive effort. The Rangers got themselves into trouble again tonight by not being quick enough on the puck defensively, and now are in a mini-losing streak because of it.

This is another one of those games you can file into the "what would have happened if Marc Staal wasn't injured" folder. There's also the Michael Sauer injury, which is starting to play a huge role in the defensive issues. Although tonight it was Dan Girardi (-3) and Ryan McDonagh (-2) who took the biggest hits.

I didn't catch much of the game so this is where my analysis will end. What did you guys think went wrong? What are the solutions?