Rangers Vs. Bruins: Can The Rangers Stop Running Into Hot Goalies Now?

Notes from the Rangers' loss to the Bruins.

- I'm sure the initial reaction after last night was anger and frustration. And that's OK, that's a tough game to lose. But make no mistake, the New York Rangers dominated the game from start to finish. They completely outplayed the Boston Bruins, and aside from a couple of mental mistakes and a white-hot goalie in Tukka Rask, they would have won this game. Actually 999 times out of 1000, the Rangers win this game 6-0 and we're all happy.

- To continue down the same path, the Rangers' offense created so many chances. So many. Chris Kreider in particular had three glorious chances, all to be denied by great saves. Rick Nash was stopped on a breakaway, Anton Stralman hit the post and then the Rangers (I can't for the life of me remember who) took a shot that dribbled just wide moments after. No luck. It's a common theme.

- Speaking of Kreider's penalty shot. I've seen some people mad he wasn't pulling any moves and just tried to take a pinpointed shot. Why? Kreider's not exactly a guy who is going to pull the puck through his legs and deke a goalie out of his shoes. His biggest skill is his shot, and he took a good one. Rask just got enough of it to push it wide. Same thing on his breakaway and pretty much the same thing when Kreider tried to bank the puck off Rask's pad. It happens.

- Last note on Kreider. Eventually he's going to start scoring. he's snake bitten in a bad way right now -- but is still impacting the game in a really positive way for the Rangers. He recorded an assist on the Derick Brassard goal. When he does start scoring watch out. Seriously.

- I will say this about Mats Zuccarello. He's been on the wrong end on a plethora of offensive decisions of late, mostly passing the puck rather than taking a shot he should have taken. Some of that again Tuesday night, although this time it did end up in the back of the Rangers' net. Still, Zuccarello and Kreider have some real chemistry. How many times now has Zuccarello and Kreider sprung each other for major chances? That line is fun to watch.

- Justin Falk is 99% to blame on the Bruin's first goal. That's a terrible play. The puck is sitting between him and Shawn Thornton and he panicked. You have to either go for the puck or start backing up. But you absolutely can't sit in the middle and wait for a moment. Because in that moment Thornton went right around him and ended up scoring. In fact, right as Thornton went around Falk I yelled out, "who was that defenseman" only to get angrier right after the goal. That's a big, big mistake.

- If you were one of the people mock cheering Henrik Lundqvist last night I'm disappointed in you. Seriously? Lundqvist owes this team (and especially this offense) nothing. Absolutely nothing. I don't care about how "soft" you might think the goals were. What about that 1-0 masterpiece he lost the other night? That frustrates me more than anything else.

- Derick Brassard scored a big goal (well, big at the time) and then springs to life. I've speculated Nash coming back will help him start scoring again because he's going to have better players on his wing. We'll see if that happens.

- Note on Nash: I thought he looked really good. Played his game, his way and got chances. Was on a breakaway and took a good shot and played really well. I still don't think he was 100% (he didn't really crash the net as much as he usually does) but that will come with time.

- As frustrating as that game was (and it sure was frustrating) I loved the way the Rangers lost, if that makes sense. They went down swinging. They fought. They win that game 99 times out of 100 and if they keep playing like that we're going to be happy campers.