Rangers Vs. Bruins: Notes From The Rangers' OT Win

Marian Gaborik is a magician. That is all.

Quick story: Sometimes when awesome things happen to the New York Rangers I react as though I was at the game. Last night I nearly jumped out of bed after Marian Gaborik batted home the overtime winner, threw a huge fist pump and apparently scared my girlfriend awake so violently that she chose not to talk to me the rest of the night. My point: Hockey is back and it's awesome.

- What a game and what a win. Carp said it best during the game, no matter what happens the Rangers got back to what made them successful last year. They ended up getting two points as well. But it was a total team effort (minus the start of the second period).

- Marian Gaborik was his normal self last night. He was outstanding. Three goals, including two that he batted out of the air. His first goal showed how soft his hands really are, too. Very few players can move the puck like that and pop the water bottle from the redline. Gaborik did just that, one of those goals that just makes you say "wow." As for the OT winner? Vintage Gaborik: Steal a pass, turn on the burners, create space and score. First hat trick in the "new" house, too.

- Rick Nash was once again one of the best players on the ice. What a game changer. Once those shots start hitting the back of the net (and it's only a matter of time) watch out. He's incredible. One of my favorite parts of his game is how well he shields the puck to find space. The man can haul the puck to the net through anyone.

- Derek Stepan has been quietly better and better in each game. He also has three assists in as many games. Good. The Rangers need him.

- While the two teams were battling in overtime I thought to myself "if the Rangers lose this game they lost it in the face off circle." I wouldn't have been wrong. The Rangers won 14 face offs and lost 24 of them, including a ton from Brad Richards in the offensive zone -- and one that cost the Rangers most of their 5-on-3. They have to get better there. Simple as that.

- Tough game for Chris Kreider. Hopefully it's a learning experience for him (again, some adjustment is expected) but it looked like the puck was just hopping off his stick.

- The power play was pretty much a disaster again. The Richards' face off loss cost the Rangers significant time on the 5-on-3, and the power play at the end of the game was pretty much useless. That has to get better. Soon.

- The Rangers were much more physical against the Bruins. It showed in the corners and along the boards. Nice to see.

- Give Mike Rupp credit, played a good game and was solid defensively. The penalty he took to negate Carl Hagelin's goal -- what a snipe by the way -- was soft. Probably because he was double the size of the guy he hit (not that it should matter).

- I thought Henrik Lundqvist was good again last night. Should be interesting if he gets the start tonight.