Rangers Vs. Bruins: Rangers Don't Have Enough Juice, Bruins Take Control

Notes from the Rangers loss to the Bruins.

- It's very difficult to watch your team be beaten by a better team. The Bruins have basically put the Rangers in a choke hold and pulled the life out of them this series. Every game things start off even and then the Bruins slowly take control of the game and win. Doesn't matter which way the bounces go, doesn't matter the luck. The Bruins have won games this series, the Rangers have not.

- Not that I'm saying it will happen (because I seriously doubt it), but if John Tortorella is fired if the Rangers lose (as speculated by TSN analyst Darren Dreger) it will be because of his inability to make adjustments and evolve his coaching strategy. You can't have a power play as bad as the Rangers and be successful, you can't keep rolling your top guns and giving the bottom six minimal minutes (Game 3 doesn't count because of the injuries), you can't continue to leave the point open despite the opposing team getting almost all of their offense there and you can't score one or two goals a game and not give more time to the best prospect in the farm.

- Not that he can be blamed for anything, but Henrik Lundqvist has been outplayed this series. Sad but true. That first goal was a direct result of his (second) turnover behind the net by trying to play the puck. That can't happen, it just can't.

- The power play did a zero again. 0-for-2 with the man advantage. Now 2-for-36 (or maybe 35, I'm too annoyed to look it up) on the playoffs and not one power play goal this series. In a series where two of the three losses are one-goal losses that number is huge.

- I honestly think we're seeing the end of Brad Richards. Under six minutes of even strength ice time in a game when the Rangers were down two forwards for some of the third. I truly thought the Rangers would give him one more year, now I doubt it.

- The sad part is, and I know all of you will flip out over this, but if the Rangers got any bounces Tuesday they would have won the game. The game-winning goal was about as lucky as they come. Not that the Rangers have really earned any luck the past two games.

- Tortorella used the Brian Boyle, Taylor Pyatt and Derek Dorsett line against the Bruins' top line most of the night. From the beginning it was clear they were overmatched and the Bruins took advantage. Boyle winning more faceoffs might have helped that line out, too.

- Rick Nash looked good to me, sometimes really good, but couldn't finish. That is a problem when no one else on your team can finish, either. Nash is here to score and he's been good this series but he hasn't scored. Some blame has to fall on his shoulders, it just has to.

- Dan Girardi and Michael Del Zotto were paired together again. That shouldn't happen unless they're the only two defenseman on the bench. And even then maybe not.

- Another problem (I know this isn't a very positive recap)? No forecheck. The Bruins get the puck deep and keep it there for long stretches. The Rangers rarely do that. Yes, not having Ryane Clowe here hurts a whole hell of a lot more than you think, but someone has to step up.

- Boy do the Rangers miss Marc Staal.

- Another thing? Every Ranger can be better in this series. Every single player and coach. When that's the case you're generally not winning a series. To this point the Rangers haven't even won a game.

- So I don't care how unlikely it is, I'm going to be screaming my head off at Game 4. What's the point of being a fan if you can't be irrational when it comes to rooting for them, right?