Rangers Vs. Bruins: They're Streaking Now Edition

Notes from the Rangers' win over the Bruins.

- Let's start here: The New York Rangers should have never ;et that game get to overtime. I tweeted right after the Boston Bruins tied it up saying: "This is what happens when you play not to lose. That's what the Rangers did in the third." Sure, the Rangers did get a little unlucky. Dan Girardi blocked the shot directly onto Brad Marchand's stick who buried the game tying goal. The Rangers still can't get it get to that point. That's what happens when you sit back. Oh, by the way, anyone see the video of Jack Edwards celebrating the tying goal? What an unprofessional guy. My word ...

- Now to the good. Henrik Lundqvist was insane. Superb. Remarkable. Brilliant. Go ahead, pick a positive adjective and it will fit. He finished the night with 37 saves, stopped three of four shooters in the shootout and made save after save in a game where the Bruin's chances came in bursts. Nothing he could have done about any of the three goals, really, just lapses in the defense. He was fantastic Tuesday.

- Rick Nash is unbelievable. They should have given out two goals for the Carl Hagelin goal, one to Hagelin for the goal and one for Nash for one of the most jaw-dropping individual efforts I have ever witnessed. Nash broke through two defenders, got tripped up and as he was falling still had the wherewithal to pass the puck to a wide open Hagelin to open the scoring. Oh, yeah, his shootout move was also ridiculous. Really how else can you describe it? Very, very, very few players have the hands to make a move like that.

- Just one more point on Nash. Every single game he does something that simply makes you shake your head. I said it after his first couple of games here but it's even more true now, I don't think people (myself included) realized just how good of a player Rick Nash was. What can't he do? He's great in all three zones and possesses incredibly soft hands. He also hit the post Tuesday night. Regardless, 10 points in 12 games and that number will rise dramatically.

- Derek Stepan had another big game. Scored the game's second goal, won 53% of his draws, created a few chances and played 25 minutes of hockey. I thought he was great at both ends of the ice.

- Hagelin played really well, too, which is good since he and Stepan are the team's main secondary scoring options. I though Hagelin was good aside from the goal, though. Really made his presence known on the forecheck.

- Dan Girardi and Ryan McDonagh had a fantastic performance. Each of them spent most of the night putting out fires and not allowing any Bruins' chances. Great game from both of them.

- I actually thought Chris Kreider played a really good game, although he didn't even see 10 minutes of ice time. I wonder if a lot of that had to do with the penalties the Rangers took. I liked what he brought to the table, though.

- This is another game where J.T. Miller wasn't too active. I loved him and Kreider on the forecheck, but Miller didn't do much offensively. Somewhere where he was active? The hits column. He lead the team with seven of them. One more game to go with him, and I'm not sure if he's staying.

- Another too many men on the ice penalty? I said it before and I'll say it again: These aren't even bad changes, it's the Rangers legitimately playing with six men on the ice. These need to stop.

- I'll leave on this note: A loss like that can absolutely kill the momentum of a team. A win like that (even though the game should have never gotten into overtime)? Can be invaluable for a team moving forward. Like it or not, the Rangers showed mental toughness to get two points out of that game, even though it should have been gift wrapped in regulation. The Bruins are a very good team and the Rangers beat them twice this year. And now they don't have to see them again.