Rangers Vs. Canucks: Revenge Is A Dish Best Served With A Chris Kreider Hat Trick

Notes from the Rangers' win over the Canucks.

- I want to make something clear right off the bat. I don't hate John Tortorella, in fact, I still think he's a really good coach and I don't think the New York Rangers would be where they are today without him. I just don't think Tortorella was the right coach to get the Rangers over the hump. So while I agree with Glen Sather's decision to fire Tortorella -- his antics and his lack of adjustments also lead me to agree with the decision -- I harbor no hard feelings about him.

- That being said, I've banged the drum the loudest about the way he treated Chris Kreider. And while we have had our disagreements about that here, him scoring a hat trick against Tortorella had to feel like sweet, sweet revenge.

- Kreider talked about the fact that he didn't have any extra motivation playing against Tortorella. And I do believe him. Sure, he scored a hat trick in the game, but he didn't really look any different than he has in the past. His shots were just hitting the back of the net rather than the post, getting stopped or skimming just wide.

- Amazing what a competent power play can do, isn't it.

- Give a lot of credit to Rick Nash, too, who I think played a really solid game. A goal and an assist along with some really good plays throughout the game. He's looked spectacular since his return from his concussion -- which is really all the Rangers could ask for.

- I'm a really big fan of Nash and Kreider together. Evan has been banging that drum here for awhile, but Nash's offensive gifts along with Kreider's (and his speed) do make them a match in heaven. Plus they both use their size, which gives the opposition fits.

- I think a big part of the Rangers' future success is going to be the play of Derick Brassard. When he's on -- which he has been recently -- he makes yet another weapon Alain Vigneault can utilize. For the past four or five games he's looked like the Brassard of last year. He has a goal and two assists the past three games and has created a bunch of chances with his vision and passing. Hopefully that play continues.

- Good for Michael Del Zotto to score a goal coming back from being scratched. Also, did you see the way Brassard hugged Del Zotto after the goal? I'm a big softie for stuff like that. Brassard knew how much the goal meant to Del Zotto and gave him a few words of encouragement and motivation. You could see how much it meant to Del Zotto. I dunno, just felt like I should mention it. I've seen Brassard do that kind of stuff before. I like that stuff.

- I give Brian Boyle a ton of credit for dropping the gloves the past two nights, but man does he need to learn how to fight.

- I'm not a fan of John Moore sitting out, hopefully that doesn't last long.

- Derek Stepan with two assists in the game. That gives him a team-high 14 on the year. I should also take this moment to note that Kreider's six goals is one behind Brad Richards' seven for the team lead ... In seven less games.

- Another good game from Mats Zuccarello, too. That's another guy who could use a few goals.