Rangers Vs. Flyers: That's How You Get Momentum

Notes from the Rangers huge win over the Flyers.

- We'll start with thoughts and prayers for Marc Staal. As of this writing no new news was released on his condition. If you want to see what it looked like, you can here (huge warning, though, it's a graphic video). As soon as he hit the ice my stomach dropped. Just so scary. So scary. Forget hockey, I just hope he's OK.

- On to the game. Rick Nash is an animal. You knew he had one of these multi-goal games lurking in him, and it came out Tuesday in the form of the game-winning goal and a put-the-game-away goal in the third. Both goals were beautiful. The first goal was an example of why he's such a game-changer: His hockey IQ is outstanding. Nash caught Ilya Bryzgalov moving to his glove slide and rifled the puck under his arm. The second goal was an example of his strength and ridiculous hands. He fought through a hook, deked around Bryzgalov and put it home. What a game and what a player he is.

- Fun fact on Nash: He has seven goals this year. Every single one of them has come in the third period.

- Ryan Callahan had two goals and an assist, and played one of his best games of the year. He did everything for the Rangers, scored a huge power play goal to give the Rangers a 1-0 lead, but did his best work on his second goal. Don't underestimate the importance of his second goal to tie the game in the first. If he doesn't do that it's a different game.

- Henrik Lundqvist was spectacular. Lundqvist is on his way back, he was big when he had to be.

- Another great game by Derek Stepan. What a pass to Callahan for the first goal. He also had another assist on one of the Nash goals. John Tortorella said it best after the game "Stepan's overall game goes unnoticed." Some fans need to start appreciating him more.

- Before the injury, Staal was one of the best players on the ice.

- The power play looked much better all around. It's been better for a few games now, but Tuesday and Sunday it actually converted.

- I though Marian Gaborik was in beast mode. He got stoned a few times but created a ton of chances. He keeps playing like that the goals will pile up.

- Anton Stralman looks great on the rush doesn't he?

- J.T. Miller should get a star for the role he played Tuesday. He looks like he belongs regardless, but he filled Brad Richards' shoes in the win. He was the Rangers' second line center for most of the game and he did all the right things. He still misses some defensive reads, but my God is he calm with the puck.

- That's a big win, especially since the Flyers were streaking coming in. This is the type of game that can help a team gain some momentum. That's what the Rangers need to do, especially with their matchup against the Islanders coming up.