Rangers Vs. Hurricanes: Another Big Game From These New Look New York Rangers

Notes from the Rangers win over the Hurricanes.

- We'll start with the man who handed these two points to the Rangers: Henrik Lundqvist. The King made 48 saves, some of them good, some of them great, some of them spectacular and some of them absolute jaw droppers (read: the save on Eric Staal at the end of regulation). Lundqvist deserved the shutout, and it took a perfect show (and a botched defensive coverage) to keep him from getting the goose egg.

- Derek Stepan was an absolute animal, yet again. How many people would have traded him after the first five games again? A lot. How many would now? None. A goal and an assist as Stepan continues to give the Rangers a constant stream of offense. The other part of Stepan's game that gets overlooked? His defense. He made some big plays in his own zone Saturday.

- Another huge game from Rick Nash. A goal and an assist and another great game in all three zones. He was, as he usually has been this year, one of the Rangers best players. I'm also really glad that spin-shot move worked for him in the slot. How many times has he tried it without converting? Nice to see that one go in.

- Ryan Clowe showed off more reasons why Glen Sather went out to get him around the deadline. He's a tough guy to play against, goes into the dirty areas of the ice, protects his teammates, throws big hits and adds offense to boot. He had an assist in 18 minutes Saturday. I know a lot of you didn't like the Rangers going out to get him (and I was in that category when I thought the price was much higher than it ended up being) but he's a real asset to this team.

- I'll say it here: I love Derick Brassard. He is brusting from the seams with potential, and you can easily see how special of a player he could be. He makes passes other players simply don't see. He hit the post in the third period (a shot which would have given the Rangers a 4-0 lead) and made things happen all night on offense and on the power play.

- Here's the biggest takeaway from the Rangers 2-0-1 streak since the trade: The power play. The man advantage has really picked things up for the Rangers and helped them to five of a possible six points. I honestly think Brassard and Clowe have been big parts of that. They crash the net, make space for the Rangers defenseman at the point and provide offense themselves. Let's hope it stays that way.

- John Moore had an up and down game. He used his speed (my goodness is he an amazing skater), got a shot on goal and dished out a hit or two (and took a couple of big ones as well) but only saw seven minutes. John Tortorella talked about not wanting to lean on Moore too much, but hopefully we see more of him soon.

- Those are another two huge points for the Rangers, as they remain in 7th place. That's a big win, and right now points are all that matter.