Rangers Vs. Islanders: Open Game Thread

Use this as your open game thread.

On the podcast Wednesday night we discusses two young Australian lads in the 1920's who decided it was a good idea to pick up a club and attempt to bludgeon a Cassowary on their property. The bird kicked one brother -- who smartened up and ran away -- then suffered a single blow from the other brother before kicking him in the neck (he sadly passed).

Today the Islanders are young Australian lads who have clubs. They are coming towards us (the Rangers) with said clubs. They mean to ... well ... club us.

Jason Chimera is a baby.

Islanders fans are bigger babies.

Have fun tonight. Be kind to one another. If Mike comes in throw tomatoes at him.

Joe didn't think I'd come in and see the game thread before it published. He was wrong. He's a fool who smells of ham and expired Capri Sun. Throw starfruit at him.