Rangers Vs. Lightning: It's Nice To Be Over .500, No?

Notes from the Rangers win over the Lightning.

- Well, that was a big win for the New York Rangers. Not just because it was against a good team, but because it was a second dominating victory -- something the Rangers haven't had too much of in these first 11 games. The Rangers have won their past two games by the combined score of 9-2, which is obviously a good thing. Lots of goals for, not many goals against.

- Let's quickly talk about Henrik Lundqvist who has a sneaky brilliant game. On the surface, his 19 saves on 20 shots doesn't seem like much work. But the Rangers got into a shootout with the Lightning in the first period and Lundqvist needed to stand tall more than a few times on Lightning odd-man rushes. He did and the Rangers took a 2-0 lead into the second period. They don't do that if Lundqvist isn't Lundqvist.

- It was a great game for Rick Nash and not just because of the goal. Nash did his typical Nashy things. He was great in all three zones, made a few nice defensive plays and made things happen. Good for him, however, for getting that garbage goal at the end of the game. I know it doesn't seem like anything more than a stat-padder, but it's a goal he's certianly earned with his play.

- Big props to Carl Hagelin as well. Two goals and an assist in what was easily his best game of the year. If he keeps playing the way he is it will mean good things for the Rangers. I also like the chemistry him and Derek Stepan have. They seem to know where each other is on the ice, especially when they cycle the puck.

- One of the biggest differences in this game? Stepan and Brad Richards at the dot. Stepan won 56% of his draws while Richards won 60%. It made a difference, too.

- Dan Girardi had two assists in 22 minutes. That's a big game from him considering he just came off an injury that caused him to miss two games.

- I said this last time and I'll say it again. I still don't see Brian Boyle playing against the Boston Bruins. I mean, who would you take out?

- This is the type of game I was expecting to see from J.T. Miller. His first two games were remarkable. Sunday? He was much more invisible. It's not a knock on him, nor is it a big deal, but he didn't do too much. Neither did Chris Kreider, for that matter, although I thought Kreider was good in the defensive zone. Not much going on offensively Sunday, however.

- How nice is it to have Ryan Callahan Back?