Rangers Vs. Lightning: Martin Biron To Get His First Start Of The Season

Martin Biron is official starting for the Rangers.

The New York Rangers are going up against of the NHL's hottest offenses, and they will do it with Henrik Lundqvist on the bench. According to the tweets of Andrew Gross, the Rangers have confirmed that Martin Biron will get the nod tonight over Henrik Lundqvist. Biron was bound to get a start eventually, and with the Rangers ging up against the New Jersey Devils on Tuesday it makes sense that Biron would get a look tonight.

Although Biron hasn't started yet this year, he did come in to relieve Lundqvist in a 6-3 loss to the Pittsburgh Penguins at Madison Square Garden earlie rin the year. Which might end up being a good thing so that Biron isn't ice cold coming off the bench.

As for the Rangers' defense? They're going to have to play a little tighter knowing Lundqvist isn't there, but the entire reason the Rangers made such a push to keep Biron is because he can be a very good backup. I think he's easily one of the best backup goaltenders in the league, and I also think John Tortorella made the right move in giving him the nod tonight. He's not here just to sit around, he's here to give Lundqvist some breathing room.

Thoughts guys?