Rangers Vs. Penguins: Offensive Issues? What Offensive Issues?

Notes from the Rangers huge win over the Penguins.

- It's amazing what the New York Rangers look like when things are clicking. When they're playing the way they're supposed to, they're quick on the puck, attacking well, creating chances and defending/backchecking like animals. It's so much fun to watch. It also makes you wonder what the Rangers can do when they get fully healthy (their best forward is still injured).

- That being said, if it wasn't for Henrik Lundqvist the Rangers would have been down three or four nothing early. That kind of a start can't happen against a team like the Penguins. They're simply too good. Lundqvist has been in beast mode for the past couple of weeks, but the Rangers can't lean on him like that.

- The Derek Stepan (goal), Chris Kreider (assist), Mats Zuccarello (amazing assist) line had another great night. They create so many chances. Zuccarello is finally seeing the ice the way we expected him to. Kreider has turned into the player everyone imagined him to be (seriously, most every chance this line generated finished with a Kreider shot) and Stepan is finding his game after a slow start.

- Another note on Kreider: How much fun is he to watch right now? He's doing everything. Seriously, everything. When his luck turns and those chances start going in, he's going to start scoring in buckets. Honestly, I don't know what more I can say about him. And to think, some of you wanted him gone. I've started a hash tag on Twitter: #InevergaveuponKreider. Use it if you can.

- That was an amazing pass by Zuccarello for the Stepan goal, no?

- Brian Boyle is another player who has been catching a lot of flack these days. Forget the huge goal and assist he put up against the Penguins Wednesday, he does so many little things that people overlook. Every team needs a guy like Boyle, someone who can eat heavy defensive minutes and hold his own. The Rangers would be crazy (repeat: crazy) not to bring him back when his contract expires. Nice to see him find the scoresheet, though.

- Did I talk about how amazing Lundqvist was yet? Yes? Well I'm doing it again. He was amazing. Jaw-dropping, eye-popping amazing. Good to see he's back.

- Pretty goal from Ryan McDonagh, too. His offense (three goals and seven points so far) is starting to shine through. And defensively he was fantastic as well.

- Marc Staal had a hell of a game. A HELL of a game.

- That Derick Brassard goal kind of reinforces the point I've been making about where he's playing. Brassard hasn't exactly been lighting up the scoresheet (seven points in 15 games) but it's very hard to create offense when your linemates aren't exactly offensive guys. Moving Ryan Callahan to his wing has helped, but it's usually Derek Dorsett and Brian Boyle. The pass/shot from Dorsett that Brassard banged home doesn't happen very often.

- How amazing is Callahan? What a huge, huge goal that was to give the Rangers the three-goal lead back. I know some of it had to do with Carl Hagelin's shot (Hagelin had a great game as well) but what a deflection.

- Speaking of that goal: The Rangers have been shooting the puck a lot more. Which is good. Only good things come from shooting the puck on the net.

- A big rebound game from Brad Richards. Two huge assists.

- That win is a confidence builder, no? That's a hell of a team the Rangers dominated. Hopefully that momentum continues when they play their former teammates tonight.

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