Rangers Vs. Sabres: Open Game Thread

Use this as your open game thread.

The New York Rangers kick off 2017 at home against the Buffalo Sabres tonight.

2017 Stats:

Record: 0-0-0

Leader (points): 0 (T-25)

Leader (assists): 0 (T-25)

Leader (goals): 0 (T-25)

Do you feel that? The sweet bliss of a fresh canvas. 2017 is new and untarnished. Tonight's tilt against the Sabres represents a trap game that can blemish that record. Or an easy game to start off the year right.

The Rangers had back-to-back hat tricks (Matt Puempel and Chris Kreider). My vote is another hat trick tonight, this time by Jimmy Vesey.

Anyway, use this as your open game thread. Comment like the dickens. Pretend that every comment you make is like rubbing the belly of a deliciously adorable puppy. Do this for me, do this for us.

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Be kind.