Rangers Vs. Sabres, Rangers Beat Sabres 1-0 In Shootout

The Rangers and Sabres met tonight in Buffalo in a game that was expected to be a physical, hard fought battle between the best team in the East and the most inconsistent team in the East.

Both teams played hockey....I think.

The first three periods were an endless cycle of dumped pucks, shots off the goalies pads, and turnovers, while the Henrik Lundqvist and Ryan Miller swapped simple saves. Both had a few fantastic ones, but overall the night wasn't too difficult for either.

The Rangers power play was the Rangers power play, so the team didn't get any goals again there, while the penalty kill was the penalty kill, so neither did the Sabres.

After an intense overtime period, the teams went into a shootout, where Marian Gaborik and Ryan Callahan scored for the Rangers, and only Jason Pominville scored for the Sabres.

Great game for Lundqvist, but overall not the most exciting 1-0 win you will ever see. Take the two points and move on!