Rangers Vs. Senators: Notes From The Shootout Loss

Notes from the Rangers' loss in Ottawa.

- In many ways this game was a double edged sword. The Rangers stole a point in the game, but probably should have won. When things aren't going well -- and they really haven't been for the Rangers since the shootout loss to the Islanders -- games like this are both good and bad. It's good that the team rallied back to take the lead and bad that they gave it back to the Senators and lost. Still, the point is important. But this team needs to start generating more offense.

- The power play looked much better. Forget the goal, they actually generated chances. Well, not on the first power play where the Senators scored, but on the others things looked better.

- The Rangers got a little unlucky as well. Marian Gaborik hits the post in overtime, J.T. Miller has the puck roll off his stick in the shootout to win the game, Michael Del Zotto has his shot into a wide open net blocked. Those don't count in the stat sheet, and in the end they don't matter, but they do impact the game.

- Miller looked pretty good Thursday. He made some great plays, got an assist on the Rangers second goal and nearly scored in the shootout. That was his best game in a long time.

- Sticking to the kids, I thought this was one of Chris Kreider's best game this year. He forechecked hard, made a few things happen in the offensive zone and used his speed to draw two penalties in the early goings. I liked his game, and I think he deserves some more chances to prove himself.

- I'm not saying this to be an excuse, but this team misses Rick Nash. Don't tell me his presence doesn't matter out there. Especially in back-to-back one-goal losses (I know they lost to Montreal 3-1 but the third goal was an empty netter). Hopefully he comes back soon.

- Speaking of injuries, I hope Del Zotto is OK. A lot of you don't appreciate him, but you'll see how much they miss him if he's out for a prolonged period of tim.

- That Ryan Callahan shootout move should be put on a tape for how to fool a goalie. That's worked twice now this year. He drops the shoulder, fakes glove side and snipes the short corner. It's a brilliant move and he does it perfectly.

- That's a horrible penalty by Brian Boyle to give the Senators the power play they used to tie the game.

- How does Brad Richards go from being benched in the third to being on the point in the power play? He was really good in overtime but had another rough game. Here's the thing. He cares too much. His play is eating at him and I think it's hurting him on the ice. Maybe he should sit a game, sort things out, take some time to not think about the game and see if that helps. He wants to win, that's obvious, but something isn't right.

- I get the Ottawa Senators fans being upset about the Craig Anderson injury, but use some common sense. I understand the people at the game booing (it's hard to tell via the in-game replays) but people watching the game on T.V? Threatening and hoping for Rangers players to be injured is insane.