Rangers Vs. Senators: Rangers Keep The Ball Rolling, Cruise Past Senators

Notes from the Rangers' win over the Senators.

- We need to kick this off by talking about how big those two points really were. The New York Rangers might find themselves fighting with the Ottawa Senators for a playoff spot if they don't grab one of the three locked Metropolitan seeds. More importantly, the Rangers moved themselves into a position where they can really do some damage if they beat the Washington Capitals tonight.

- Player of the game? Derek Stepan. We've talked (argued?) a lot in this space about Stepan's impact. I'm in the camp that says he's been better than the numbers show. Many of you disagree. There shouldn't be any disagreements about his game on Saturday, however. A goal and two brilliant (and I mean brilliant) assists for a three-point game. Great all-around showing from him in a huge win.

- Rick Nash's goal was a thing of beauty. First of all, the pass from Stepan off the boards was jaw dropping. And that finish? Oh my word. That goal popped out of the net so fast Sam had no idea it had actually gone in. Regardless, the Rangers have missed this Rick Nash, and it looks like he's back. You can see the difference he makes.

- Brad Richards (goal), Mats Zuccarello (goal), Ryan McDonagh (assist) were the only other players aside from Nash and Stepan to record points. Think about how rare that is in a four-goal game. Only two players recorded assists, Stepan and McDonagh.

- Big game from Cam Talbot, when he was needed, which wasn't often. A lot of that had to do with the Rangers' defense -- which was amazing most of the game -- but Talbot made a few really impressive saves in the third period.

- The power play scored just once, but my word does it look good. Actually, it doesn't just look good, it has been good. They're lethal when they're clicking.

- While they didn't record points, I thought Chris Kreider, Derick Brassard and Benoit Pouliot had great games.

- Chris Neil ... Well, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything at all, right?

- Great point brought up by Carp during the game: Dan Carcillo was on the ice (again: on the ice) when Neil ran Dom Moore. Didn't stop him from doing it, did it?

- Huge win. Tonight's game will be a big test, too.