Rangers Vs. Stars: Wow, Rick Nash, Just Wow

Notes from the Rangers' win over the Stars.

- We'll probably be calling that Rick Nash goal "the goal" for awhile. I mean, simply jaw-dropping. It's not just the way he scored, or the perseverance he showed or the skill (and luck) he utilized to put the puck into the back of the net. It's when he scored, too. That's a big goal, against a good team, late in a tie game during a contest the New York Rangers felt they desperately needed for confidence reasons. For the past few games now Rick Nash has been Rick Nash and that's good to see, the Rangers need him.

- As for that confidence? The team talked about how they needed to win this game to back up their win over Chicago. Maybe some of it was to prove it wasn't a fluke, and maybe some of it was getting this homestand kicked off the right way after how horrible the last one went, but you could tell how important this win was in the player's thoughts after the game.

- Another game where Henrik Lundqvist was Henrik Lundqvist. What a game he had. Some really big saves in some really big moments.That's good to see. The guy at the top of this article and the guy in this segment are pretty important to the team's overall success, and both seem to be getting back into form.

- Mats Zuccarello (assist), Chris Kreider (assist), Brad Richards (two assists), Derick Brassard (power play goal) and Benoit Pouliot (assist) all had really, really solid games. Those guys were flying from the drop of the puck, and you can kind of see where the Rangers' depth scoring is coming from when the team is actually, well, scoring. When all those guys plus Nash and Ryan Callahan (more on him in a moment) are contributing the Rangers are a tough team to play against.

- I don't think anyone here believes this has been a banner year for the Captain. But Callahan has slowly but surely worked his way back into form despite the injuries. Right at the start of the game I said out loud "Callahan really hasn't scored in forever" and he shut me up. Good for him, I was hoping he would do just that. So were the Rangers.

- Derek Stepan had a rough first 20 minutes, a better second 20 minutes and then a huge third 20 minutes. He gets an assist on the Nash goal.

- Have I mentioned how amazing the Nash goal was yet? Yes. OK, moving on.

- I know this is a scary thought, but I think the Rangers have a real power play on their hands now. Scoring goals, but more importantly they're converting when they need a goal. Big difference there.

- Dan Carcillo looks like a hockey player, no? The Garden Faithful gave him a rousing cheer during the national anthem, and loved his entire game. A lot of people hated Sean Avery before he came over too, remember, although Avery didn't have the track record Carcillo has. Still, he brings something the team needs and the crowd loves.

- J.T. Miller sent down. Sad, but Carcillo really isn't taking his spot. You don't want to see Miller buried on the fourth line now do you? Better he gets a ton of minutes in Hartford.

Thoughts, guys? This was a huge win.