Redden back in the "spotlight" in Ottawa

So, in getting the open game thread ready for tonight, I was reading thru the Ottawa Citizen, boning up on some Sens news. The headline on the Ottawa Citizen sports page:

Redden. Roasted. Wade_redden_medium

I start reading the article, and while I am reading it I get an email from tmranger:

"You gotta read this article about Redden in the Ottawa Citizen", LOL.

I've laid off piling on Redden since this blog made its debut. I figure you guys are going to do plenty of that. But there were just a few things from this article that caught my attention.

Here's the link to the article, and here are some of the highlights:

"Earlier in the day, six NHL teams had made their pitches to land the slick-skating defenceman, an unrestricted free agent who was moving on after more than a decade in Ottawa, where he was no longer wanted."

5 other teams wanted Wade Redden, but being the persistent fellow he is, Glen Slather got his man.

Can you imagine the conversation between Redden and his Agent?

Agent: "Well Wade, I have 5 offers on the table. The Bruins offered league minimum for two years, the Blue Jackets offered the same, the Coyotes offered you 400K per year for 2 years, but only if you drive the Zamboni in between periods. The Islanders offered you 500K per year, but during the off season you have to stand out on the Long Island Expressway with a sandwich board that says "Please build us a new arena". Finally, the last offer was from the Thrashers, 3 years, $450K per year, but you have to play 3rd for the Braves when Chipper is hurt."

Redden: "But I don't know anything about playing baseball!"

Agent: "You barely know anything about playing hockey anymore, but that isn't stopping you is it?"

Redden: "Well, the Bruins offer is for less money, but they are a top contender, and I don't have to do any embarrassing side jobs. Ok, call Boston and....."

Agent: (Interrupting): "Hang on Wade, Glen Sather from the Rangers is on the other line; let's see if he'll top Boston's deal. I will call you back......."

One other highlight of the article:

"Redden said, he considered New York "a great place to put things behind me and get away from the spotlight" that comes with playing in a Canadian city."

So apparently Redden signed with the Rangers without ever having been to NY, or read a newspaper from NY, or watched TV.

New York City, a great place to get away from it all......