Report: Ulf Samuelsson Hired By Carolina To Coach Their AHL Team

Per a report, the Carolina Hurricanes have hired Ulf Samuelsson as head coach of their AHL affiliate.

There have been rumblings since the New York Rangers Stanley Cup Run in 2014 that Ulf would be a candidate for head coaching jobs. He was involved in a few talks the past two years but nothing materialized. That obviously didn't change at the NHL level.

Samuelsson has been the "defensive coordinator" if you will for the Rangers since he came here. Since the Rangers are preparing for a big overhaul this might be part of that, although that's my speculation. There's no debating the Rangers defense was a big problem this year, although most of that blame falls on Alain Vigneault and his player usage. It should be mentioned Samuelsson could have played a role in that process, too.

Looks like in addition to all the changes the Rangers will be bringing in another coach. That might be a good thing, especially if the Rangers are infusing all this new blood.