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Reports: Rangers Report that Nash is out for Saturday’s Game in Montreal

The New York Rangers will be without their huge offseason addition for the third straight game according to Andrew Gross and other sources.

From Andrew Gross:

The Rangers announced, as I expected, that Rick Nash will not be joining the team here for tomorrow night’s game against the Canadiens. If this is indeed a concussion, the Rangers should be obligated to have way more transparency about the matter because head injury prevention and player safety is supposed to be a league priority. And if it’s not a concussion, what’s wrong with the team saying that? In any case, Nash will miss his third straight game with an undisclosed injury.

The only thing more frustrating than Nash being out for his third straight game is the veil of secrecy surrounding his injury. As of the moment, the Rangers have yet to give any reason for Nash’s absence from the lineup or any hint as to what is ailing the superstar winger. There has been a lot of speculation about Nash having a concussion but the bottom line is that the only people who know what is wrong with Rick Nash are currently on the New York Rangers payroll and they aren’t talking.

Although we can’t be sure what is wrong with Rick Nash we can all be sure that his absence from the lineup is woeful news to a Rangers team that has looked lost without him. Without Nash in the lineup the team is going to rely a great deal on depth scoring and stronger play from Brad Richards, Marian Gaborik, and the other offensively gifted players in the lineup (regardless of their youth or inexperience). Thus far without Nash the Rangers are 0-1-1 and are going up against a team that has already handed them a loss this season.

I am not quite sure if this is the moment to press the panic button… but you know how there are those little plastic boxes over buttons that launch missiles in movies? You have to flip those suckers up so you can access the button. You know the ones. I think it is at least time that we flip that flippy plastic button shield and start cracking our knuckles.

If there are any developments or updates on the injury(?) to Nash we will let you guys know as soon as possible.