Rick Nash Injury: According To Reports Nash Bruises Shoulder

Some good news coming from Switzerland this morning as Swiss sportswriter Marcel Kuchta is reporting that the injury Rick Nash suffered in Friday's game for HC Davos was simply a shoulder bruise, something that will see Nash miss up to a week.

Marcel Kuchta@Guggti

Rick Nash not injured too seriousy. Shoulder is bruised. He'll be sidelined for about one week.

Rangers fans have to be breathing a sign of relief, especially when rumors originally surfaced that he had a concussion. Nash did play another shift on Friday after he was injured before removing himself (or being removed -- the details are sketchy here) for precautionary reasons.

The good news? Nash isn't seriously injured. A shoulder bruise isn't a lingering injury, it's not something that can come back to haunt him, it's just something that has to heal. A week should do the trick, but if it takes more than that so be it, it's not as though he's missing any games for the Rangers.

Anyway, we'll keep you updated if more information leaks out.