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Riveters Video: Beth Hanrahan's Disallowed Goal

Were the Riveters robbed of a game-tying goal halfway through the first period?

Mike Murphy

Blueshirt Banter has some unique footage of Beth Hanrahan's disallowed goal from last Sunday's game during the New York Riveters' home opener against the Boston Pride.

Video credit: Connor Murphy

Although the NWHL's rulebook is not yet available to the media or the public, we can safely assume that the rules regarding pucks touched with high sticks are similar to the NHL's and IIHF's rules. Those rules are in place to encourage players to keep their sticks down and prevent injury.

On the controversial play in question Beth Hanrahan's high shot from the left faceoff circle was stopped by Boston Goaltender Lauren Slebodnick with her right shoulder. The shoulder shrug from Slebodnick launched the puck up into the air at the top of her crease. Meghan Fardlemann, who was being tied up and harassed by Pride defenseman Alyssa Gagliardi, crashed the net in pursuit of the high rebound chance.

Fardelmann's stick was clearly up on the play and if she had knocked the puck down to the ice before the Boston Pride were able to maintain both control and possession of it (which they did not), the goal should have been waved off. However, it appears that Fardelmann may never have touched the air-born puck with her stick despite making an effort to do so.

Fardelmann going hard to the net, stick raised.

The puck appears to come off of Fardelmann's shoulder and/or chest.

After the puck was knocked down off of Fardelmann's upper body it was pushed forward towards the right post where Slebodnick, who never gained control or possession of the puck, got her right pad to the puck but was unable to stop Hanrahan from flipping the biscuit up and over on her second effort. The puck crossed the line at the 12:50 mark of the first period and would have tied the game at 1-1. However, the goal was immediately waved off by the official who watched the play unfold from behind the Pride's net. After a brief conference among the officials and an explanation to inquiring Riveters players, the no-goal call stood.

Take a moment to watch the video again and play close attention to the left shoulder of Fardelmann and how it propels the puck forward and towards Hanrahan and the right post. It is, admittedly, impossible to rule out if the puck ever made some contact with Fardlemann's stick, but it appears that from this camera angle that the Riveters were probably robbed of a good goal. If it was the wrong call made on the ice, it is a very understandable albeit costly error on the part of the officials.

The NWHL does not currently have a video review or instant replay system in place, but after the Riveters' controversial disallowed goal from last Sunday against the Pride it is clear that the sooner we see some kind of review system put into place the better it will be for the league. Although the Riveters did their best not to get wrapped up in the waved-off goal, tying the game up at 1-1 after Brianna Decker's early goal in the first period likely would have made for a different game.

Was this a good goal or was the right call made on the ice? Were the Riveters and Beth Hanrahan robbed of what very well could have been a goal that changed the outcome and complexion of last Sunday's game? Let me know what you think in the comments section and on social media.

Thanks for Reading. Let's go Riveters.