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Video: Katie Nolan from "Garbage Time" Visits the Riveters

The Riveters make an appearance on Fox Sports 1 with Katie Nolan.

Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

If you're already an audience member of FS1's "Garbage Time with Katie Nolan", you might already know about Katie Nolan's visit with the New York Riveters during one of their most recent practices at Aviator Sports and Events Center in Brooklyn.

It looks like playing some youth hockey wasn't enough to help Katie Nolan keep up with the Riveters on the ice. It also appeared that it didn't do her much good when Madison Packer was showing her how to drop the gloves. Nolan, who is 28, was told that she was just leaving her athletic peak by Riveters' general manager and the commissioner of the league Dani Rylan. That's a tough break.

In addition to being hilarious, the episode is a fun look behind the scenes of the NWHL and of the Riveters' practices which occur on Wednesdays and Fridays at Aviator. It's nice to see coach Chad Wiseman go ahead and trip up Katie Nolan in front of the cameras even after Celeste Brown had to give her a little one-on-one tutoring in the art of the hockey stop.

You can catch Garbage Time with Katie Nolan on Fox Sports 1 Wednesdays at midnight.

The Riveters will be playing the Connecticut Whale Sunday night at Aviator at 7PM. The team will be wearing their "Strides for the Cure" jerseys with pink accents that will be auctioned off after the game. Hopefully the good karma brings the Riveters some luck. A win on Sunday would be their first of the 2015-16 regular season.

Thanks for reading, let's go Riveters.