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NWHL News: Taylor Holze and Celeste Brown Elected Riveters NWHLPA Representatives

Celeste Brown and Taylor Holze are the Riveters NWHLPA representatives.

Taylor Holze of the New York Riveters
Taylor Holze of the New York Riveters
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

Erika Lawler, former US Olympian, will preside over the NWHLPA; the NWHL's Player Association. In the league's press release today Lawler had the following to say about the NWHLPA.

"The main reason this league was founded was to start treating the players they way they deserve," said Lawler. "It's the NWHLPA's responsibility to make sure we create an entity that works towards creating an optimal experience for the players."

"We will be working towards elevating the player experience to the next level and will continue to ensure that players have a strong presence in the way the league operates."

You can follow the NWHLPA on twitter for updates on the governing body at @nwhlpa.

The Player Association's goal and role will be to set action plans and goals about how to improve the experience of each and every NWHL player.

The Player-Voted Representatives:

Buffalo Beauts- Emily Pfalzer and Meghan Duggan

Boston Pride- Brianna Decker and Hilary Knight

Connecticut Whale- Kelli Stack and Kaleigh Fratkin

New York Riveters- Taylor Holze and Celeste Brown

"These women are the league's most important employees. They are the product. They must be provided with the support they need to continue growing the sport of women's hockey. It's the PA's role to set goals and create action plans around how to improve the NWHL player experience-  and I am excited for this opportunity."

It is worth noting that Taylor Holze is the only member of the NWHLPA who is a "non-contract" or "practice player". Her presence on the governing body is therefore twice as significant. Holze has appeared in each and every game that the New York Riveters have played thus far. Neither Holze or Brown are captains with the Riveters but it is clear that they are greatly respected and appreciated by their teammates because they were voted into their roles with the NWHLPA.

Thanks for reading. Let's go Riveters.