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Riveting Numbers: Riveters and Pride Shot Chart from 11/22

A look at where the Riveters' and Pride's shots came from in last Sunday's Riveters win.

After finding three big goals in the first period against the Pride in their own barn, the Riveters successfully played a defensive game and held on to the lead to win their second straight game. The Riveters solid penalty killing, the superlative play of Nana Fujimoto, and a relentless and successful forecheck proved to make the difference last Sunday on the road against the Boston Pride.

The shot totals for the shot chart(s) below are different from the statistics that are provided on There have been some noteworthy and unfortunate issues with statistics on the league's official site. The shot-tracking endeavor shared below was done (in this instance) by two different individuals who consulted one another's charts to ensure accuracy.

Of course, this chart is not perfectly accurate because of the potential for human error, however it does still tell the story of where most shots came from in the Riveters' second win of the season.

Shots by Period

-First Period: Riveters 10, Pride 9

-Second Period: Riveters 8, Pride 14

-Third Period: Riveters 3, Pride 15

Penalties by Period

-First Period: Riveters 2 minors, Pride 2 minors

-Second Period: Riveters 3 minors, Pride 1 minor

-Third Period: Riveters 1 minor, Pride 1 minor

The Riveters continued to struggle both with zone entries and with taking penalties, but their early offensive outburst last Sunday along with the outstanding goaltending of Nana Fujimoto proved to be two key factors in the Riveters picking up their second straight win.

Several of the Riveters shots came from wide angles and seemed to have the purpose of creating rebounds on Brittany Ott of the Boston Pride. Last Sunday Ashley Johnston's shot was featured a great deal less than it has previously been which came as a surprise, but she was still effective and dangerous on the point moving the puck especially on the power play.

The shots for the Riveters really dropped off after a strong first period when they went on the penalty kill, including a five on three kill, late in the second period. After the three minors that came in the last ten minutes of the second period the Riveters went into a defensive shell even after Amanda Pelkey's power play goal late in the second period.

Putting just three shots on net in the third period is very telling of how focused the Riveters were on holding onto their lead and playing a defensive game. It is also a testament to just how much the coaching staff trusts Nana Fujimoto to be the best player on the ice for New York every week. It will be interesting to see how the Riveters play the next time they are playing with a lead and whether or not they will again default to a defensive game in order to protect their lead.

Note: Future shot chart posts of the Riveters and their opponents will be done by @CAMurphy91.

Thanks for reading. Let's go Riveters.