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Riveters' Top Pick Carpenter to do Reddit AMA on 4/12 at 1PM ET

On 4/12 from 1PM to 2PM Alex Carpenter will be on Reddit doing an AMA.

Martin Rose/Getty Images

Alex Carpenter scored the game-winning overtime goal against Canada in Canada to win the United States the gold in the 2016 Women's World Championships after an outstanding senior season with Boston College where she scored 43 goals and 45 assists in 41 games.

Yeah, not a bad year of hockey for Carpenter.

Carpenter was the New York Riveters' first overall draft pick in the 2015 NWHL Draft last summer and in a recent interview with Today's Slap Shot Riveters' head coach and general manager Chad Wiseman revealed that one of his top priorities this offseason was looking for speed and skill in the team's draft picks.

"Our draft picks next month here is probably our number one priority to get those players signed and get them ready and to start getting them prepared for next season." -Chad Wiseman

Carpenter, who has yet to announce any plans to join the NWHL or the New York Riveters, will be on Reddit tomorrow afternoon from 1pm to 2pm on the r/hockey subreddit asking any questions that fans might have for her.

Ask Carpy a few questions tomorrow afternoon and get to know one of the most talented female American hockey players ever a little bit better! Who knows, maybe she'll say something about playing for the NWHL team that drafted her if enough of us you ask her about it!

Also, if you aren't already reading r/hockey daily, you should. The community there is second-to-none and is always on top of the latest news, rumors, and stories in the world of hockey.

Let's go Riveters.