Ryan McDonagh appears to be selling his (very nice) apartment

He caused a small freakout amongst Taylor Swift fans, which is kind of adorable.

Ryan McDonagh appears to be on the move.

Not from the New York Rangers. Oh my, no. But as far as living spaces go, it looks like he’ll be going elsewhere, as he’s listed his loft in Tribeca for $5.75 million, the Observer has reported.

This has, adorably, led to a little bit of a freakout among some Taylor Swift fans because the place McDonagh is selling so happens to be in the same building.

And oh, does it look like a nice place, definitely fitting for an All-Star. (Check out the little nursery!)

If $5.75 million is a little too much for you - it’s higher than McDonagh’s cap hit! - then apparently Derick Brassard’s own Tribeca apartment is still on the market, the Observer noted, for $4.35 million (which is, well, less than his cap hit).

Either way though, dang, these professional New York hockey players live in style. It’s cool to take a little look.