Ryan McDonagh is a dad now!

Awwwww this is too cute.

It’s been a busy couple of hours for Ryan McDonagh.

Last night, he helped lead his New York Rangers to a 7-4 win over the San Jose Sharks, playing 26:10 - including over five minutes on the penalty kill - and scoring two assists. Nobody was on the ice more than him.

It’s a good thing he was available last night, in that case: because this morning, he became a father.

A new addition to the McDonagh family came early this morning. Falan Erin McDonagh. So excited to be a dad!

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Aw! He’s got the blanket with Rangers colors ready and everything. And just look at the two of them - this is so incredibly sweet. His smile. Her little face. What’s not to love about this?

So... the Rangers’ next game is tomorrow, against the Detroit Red Wings, and thankfully, still in New York. He had a beast of a game just before Falan arrived; do we have some dad goals incoming soon?

Let’s hope so - he’s got someone else to score for now, too.