Sather Qualifys Callahan, Dubinsky and Korpikoski

As per Steve Zippay over at Newsday the Rangers have named the other players that Glen Sather gave qualifying offers too. Ryan Callahan, Brandon Dubisnky, and Lauri Korpikoski have all been given qualifying offers. This comes on the heels of Sather announcing—at the draft—that he gave an offer to Zherdev and other players to be named later. Here are the highlights:

Brandon Dubinsky ($633,333), Ryan Callahan ($575,000) and Potter ($535,000) all earned less than $660,000, so the minimum raise they were due to receive was 10 percent. Boyle, obtained Saturday from Los Angeles, earned $750,000 and is due a five percent hike. Lauri Korpikoski, at $1.017 million, had to be matched. If a player rejects an offer, he becomes a free agent. If another team makes an offer, the Rangers have a right to match.

No surprises here, you had to figure Sather was going to keep Callahan, Korpikoski and Dubinsky. I am just glad that Sather didn’t wait much longer. Especially because you would have to figure that teams would give them high offer sheets; offer sheets the Rangers wouldn’t be able to match even if they wanted to. And that would be catastrophic.

Things starting to heat up here for the Rangers. Keep us in your daily read as we will continue to give you the most up to date information.