Saturday Morning Cartoon: Pope Prust the First

Behold, Pope Prust the First. Thou shalt not fear men bigger than thou art, thou shalt smite them no matter their size. Thou shalt kill penalties, thou shalt block shots, and thou shalt score shorthanded goals. And above all else, thou shalt always remember, "it's just pain." This message has been brought to you by the Church of Prustbyterianism, in Prust we Trust. Amen.

"Our Prust who art in pain
Hallowed be thy name
Thy Kingdom Come
Shorthanded goals be done
At the Garden as it is on the road
Give us this day our daily blocked shot
And forgive us Del Zotto's stretch passes
As we forgive those who stretch passed against us
And lead us not into losses
And deliver us from Devils
For thine is the penalty kill
And the checking, and the fighting
Forever and ever

A prayer by Reverend Jim