Saturday Morning Cartoon: Rangers Trade Deadline Bingo

I was talking to George E. Arys (RangerSmurf to those who aren't aware by now... which I hope is none of you) and he hatched the idea of throwing together a Bingo card with every Ranger that has been rumored or proposed in a trade here at Blueshirt Banter. Needless to say, there were more than enough Rangers to fill a Bingo card. Join me after the jump for your Saturday Morning Cartoon...

Rules of the Game:

1. You do not need to connect five across, you only need to connect three (or more) across to create a possible Ranger trade proposal or rumor. You also may create a trade by using an 'L' shape.

2. You'll notice that Marian Gaborik is a free space. This is because he is involved in 90% of fan trade proposals and Rangers trade rumors.

3. Another way to play the game is to put the Bingo card on a wall, put a blindfold on, grab a handful of darts, spin around on a computer chair (having wheels on it will help) until dizzy, stand up suddenly and start throwing the darts. Hopefully you do not hear any screams, the sound of glass breaking, or the pained yipe or screech of a dog or cat. Remove the blindfold and look to see where the darts have landed. This is rumored to be the way Glen Sather thinks of trades.

4. For those of you who are wondering why we have Washington's 2nd round pick this upcoming draft, we acquired it when we traded Bobby Sanguinetti to Carolina.