Saturday Open Game Thread - ECSF

Ben Bishop is one lucky man. Not that he has a chance, but he's lucky that the Vezina trophy is awarded based on the regular season and not playoff performance. The Islanders exposed him in Game 1 of the ECSF on Wednesday on their way to a 5-3 win over the Lightning and a one game to none lead in the series. The Lightning, however, have won Game 2 in each of their last five series and Bishop has a history of bouncing back strongly after a loss.

Washington went one game up on Pittsburgh on Thursday as TJ Oshie scored in OT to finish off his hat trick and the Penguins. The Caps seemed to struggle at times trying to keep up with the Pens' run and gun style, so look for them to attempt to slow things down tonight. The Penguins, on the other hand, need to tighten up their D and eliminate the mistakes they made in Game 1.

None of this matters much because the West is going to win again anyway, right?

NY Islanders at Tampa Bay
Game 2 - Islanders lead 1-0
3:00 PM NBC
Pittsburgh at Washington
Game 2 - Capitals lead 1-0
8:00 PM NBC