SCF Game 2 Open Thread

Oh the places I’ve been

The Nashville Predators dominated game 1. They held the high-powered Pittsburgh Penguins to a total of twelve (12!) shots on goal for the entire game.

And lost.

Which goes to show that at the end of the day the only stat that matters is the one that counts how many pucks go in the net.

Nashville will look to stay onside, stop taking stupid penalties and get some timely saves in an attempt to avoid going down two games to oh.

Good luck with that.

The Stanley Cup has been on quite a few adventures over the years. It’s been

used as a toilet; abandoned on the side of the road; kicked into a canal and left there overnight; taken to strip clubs; used as a dog bowl, horse feeder, flower planter and baptismal basin; taken to war zones and Lenin’s tomb; taken for a swim with Mario Lemieux and to bed for reasons you can only imagine; to the top of mountains, under Niagara Falls and even in Steve Yzerman’ shower; in a bonfire ... you get the idea. The Cup is now chaperoned 24 hours a day (thanks to the ‘94 Rangers breaking it) so there are no more worries about it being left somewhere and forgotten.

Players can still take it to bed though. Eww......

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