SCF Open Thread: GAME FOUR

The Bruins are looking to take two straight games on home ice and go up 3-1 in the series... will the Blackhawks answer back and send it back to Chicago all knotted up?

I am convinced that no one actually reads what I write up here for the open threads so I am just going to write a few of my favorite words/sounds. Enjoy!

Disposition, anodyne, iridescent, lithe, svelte, welkin, ink, chrysalis, beguile, meandering, succor, quandary, decrepit, thorough, mulch, dew, cacophony, cataclysm, sepulcher, cantankerous, curmudgeon, mellifluous, melancholy, morbid, cumbersome, belligerence, benevolence, muck, juice, meat, maw, coarse, quagmire, heave, lunge, scramble, moss, endoplasmic reticulum, dulcet, tomahawk, effervescent, lobe, epitome, ethereal, halcyon, surreptitious, murmur, myriad, satchel, sequestered, tomfoolery, bubble, plethora, nebula, squander, boop, unctuous, sate, muzzle, filthy, and ham.

Okay, so that was weird. Not as weird as the little statues of duckies with tiny Bruins capes/jerseys on them but pretty weird.

Anyways, I hope you guys and gals enjoy a great Game Four tonight and that we in for some more intense and entertaining playoff hockey. What have you thought of the series thus far? What was the best game? The worst game?

To follow the action and catch up on developing stories check out the two outstanding SB Nation blogs that cover the teams in the finals.

The Stanley Cup of Chowder covering the Boston Bruins.

Second City Hockey covering the Chicago Blackhawks.

Remember to enjoy the game, be civil and respectful to one another, and please observe the Community Guidelines.

Let's go hockey!