SCF Open Thread: GAME ONE

And so it begins...

At 8:00 PM EST tonight the Chicago Blackhawks will lock horns with the Boston Bruins in the first game of the 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

I know that watching the Finals can be uncomfortable when your team isn't in it but I have a gut feeling that this is going to be an outstanding series and I thought you guys would enjoy an Open Thread to talk hockey, the finals, and whatever else the "Grandpa Group" on the Banter wants to talk about tonight (my guess is that it is going to involve Mae West or how bitchin' it was to communicate through Morse code).

I just wanted to point the following thing out: Wade Redden is in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. What did your face look like after you read that sentence? Did it look anything like this? There are two other former Rangers skating in the Finals; Jaromir Jagr and Michal Rozsival. Best of luck to all of them, especially Jags who hasn't been in the SCF in twenty-one years.

To follow the action and catch up on developing stories check out the two outstanding SB Nation blogs that cover the teams in the finals.

The Stanley Cup of Chowder covering the Boston Bruins.

Second City Hockey covering the Chicago Blackhawks.

I know who I am rooting for but more than anything I am looking forward to injury-free, entertaining, competitive, and intense playoff hockey between two original six teams. So, who do you guys want to lift the greatest trophy in all of sports?

Remember to enjoy the game, be civil and respectful to one another, and please observe the Community Guidelines.

Let's go hockey!!!