Shea Weber is Not an Option for the Rangers

Enough is enough.

Shea Weber is not an option for the Rangers, nor is he an option for any other NHL team other than the Nashville Predators. Until Weber indicates that he doesn't want to re-up and commit to a future in Nashville, there is no reason whatsoever to think he's available.

The Predators are finally beginning to gain traction with their fan-base in Nashville, why would GM David Poile consider any other option than re-signing the face of the franchise at all costs? Weber is an elite defenseman who will likely take the throne as the league's best once Nicklas Lidstrom hangs 'em up. Poile and company are going to hand Weber a blank check and say 'write a number pal'.

Yes, maybe Weber will decide that he doesn't want to stay in a small market for much longer. Maybe he'll decide that he wants to move on. But until that time comes, there is no reason to even discuss him.

It's completely illogical at the moment to even throw his name into the mix of options that could be considered by the Rangers. I bring this up because I've seen plenty of comments and tweets in which Rangers fans are putting Shea Weber on their wish list.

To be blunt: it ain't happenin'.

Moving on.