Shea Weber Offer Sheet: And Suddenly It Doesn't Seem As Likely That Nashville Will Match

Not to throw a match on some gasoline, but as more and more information is being leaked out about the Philadelphia Flyers' offer sheet to Shea Weber, it looks like it's going to be a pretty tough call for the brass in Nashville.

The biggest tactic used by the Flyers is just how much money they front-loaded in the deal. Weber is due a whopping $27-million through the first year of his contract. This is brilliant in a few different ways. For starters, it's a hefty price for the Predators to pay up front. And, not only that, if Nashville does match the offer, they can't legally trade Weber for a year, meaning the team would have to give him $27-million before exploring trade options.

There are other reports going around that the Predators and Flyers are currently working out a deal in which the Flyers will swap players for the four picks, otherwise Nashville will match the deal. Those reports, as of now, are unconfirmed.

It should be noted that Nashville still says they "intend" to match the offer, but these things have a funny way of changing around as time drags on.

For now, thoughts guys?