"So who do you like in the Caps-Pens series?" Nobody!

To me this is the equivalent of a Cowboys-Eagles game, or a Yankees-Braves World Series. As a Ranger fan, it's hard for me to pull for the Capitals or Penguins in their series.

Who do you root for when there's no one to root for?

The Penguins are led by Sidney Crosby, and while there is no denying his amazing talent, his incessant whining and plant-like personality are just irritating. He's learned to cry almost as well as his mentor Mario Lemieux, who might have had another 100 goals in his career had he not spent a third of every shift chasing the refs around complaining because someone on the opposing team had the audacity to check him. Plus, we all know the NHL rigged the 2005 draft so that the Penguins could draft Crosby and resurrect the cash strapped franchise. (just kidding....no I'm not....yes I am, maybe.)

When you couple all that with all the post season failures the Rangers have had against Pittsburgh  in the past (stupid Ron Francis goal in 1992, and a 3 game suspension for Graves?), and it's pretty understandable why I can't root for the Pens.

Which brings me to the Capitals. The Alex Ovechkin led Capitals. The Alex Ovechkin led; celebrate every goal like its Lake Placid 1980 Capitals. The Alex Ovechkin led; celebrate every goal like its Lake Placid 1980; just eliminated the Rangers in Game 7 Capitals. Yeah the wound is still just a little too fresh there, but Thank God I'm not bitter.

So while I look forward to seeing three of the most talented players the game has ever seen in this series, the best I can hope for is that the survivor of this series gets trounced in the Conference Finals.