Soon you can get Henrik Lundqvist - in Pop! form

Truly, this is the greatest Pop! of all time.

You guys know Pop!s, right? They’re the adorable little figures that are any collector’s nightmare (because they're everywhere and there are so many of them). Typically you see them around, celebrating characters from movies, TV shows, comics - and sometimes sports, but never the NHL.

Until now.

Finally, we are going to have NHL Pop! figures - and it just so happens that one of the very first ones is Henrik Lundqvist.

And look at him! He’s adorable, as are all Pop!s. He looks so ready and determined to stop all pucks that come his way. He’s got fantastic hair. And he actually, you know, looks a fair bit like Lundqvist, even if his pads aren't quite exact.

This has got to be a must-have for pretty much any Rangers fan. Anyone who collects stuff, anyone who likes cute stuff, anyone who’s a fan of the king - so basically, everybody.