Special Bantering The Blueshirts Today At 5!

Due to us not having a podcast last week, and this week Thursday is Thanksgiving, we’re doing a special pre-game show before the Rangers play today.

Listen live today at 5 p.m. here.

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John J. Porter, Anthony “Big Nasty” Viola, John Reppy, Johnny “How low?” Olow, Alex Reppy, Alex Gardner, Alexander “Captain” Rickard, Meaty-Ogre (that’s right, that’s this person’s name... don’t you dare judge them), Daniel Desjeunes, Eric “Good Humor” Kohn, Matt Bader, George “Soft, pillow” Lippman, GRUMPY SMOKEY, Scott Potash, Danz “The One and Only” Lynch, Chris Baker, Bob “Those little dudes from Star Wars” Kawa, Andrew Grygo, Stink Fleaman, Arch Williams (with the weather), Igor Zaslavasky, Zachary Zetlin (and his amazing zeppelins), Dan Carrozzi, Alexander Thornton, Thomas “I’ll have a mimosa” Osa, Trevor Kempner, Michael “Too Good for Gold” Silvers, David “My Middle Name Starts With An L” Singer, Darwin “Not That Darwin” Buschman, Scott “Pots and Pans” Potash, Mike “Onit” Offit,

(E-mail me if we missed anyone. The order of the names got jumbled and if we did it was an error that you can simply blame on Mike because he is at fault.)